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Getting Started

Making the initial call for counseling can be quite intimidating.  I try to make that process as painless as possible.  To get started you can contact me here, or give me a call at 402 915-8900 .  We will set an appointment time to get you started.  You will be sent a link to my patient portal. Once you have signed up for the portal, you will be able to fill out all of the necessary paperwork online prior to your appointment.  There will be no one to greet you when you arrive, so please make yourself comfortable and I will come to get you shortly.  Any amount due, including co-pays, unmet deductible amounts, and the self-pay fee will be due at the time of service. 


Whether you are seeking individual, or couple/family counseling the process is fairly similar.  Appointments can last anywhere from 45-60 minutes. The initial appointment is primarily an information gathering session. If you are seeking couples therapy we may do one individual session for each person following the initial intake appointment. Please be prepared to spend the entire 60 minutes if necessary.  It is likely that someone else has an appointment immediately following yours, so please be punctual so that we can best utilize the 60 minutes of your appointment time. Likewise, be respectful to those who may have an appointment after you and be prepared to do billing and rescheduling within the 60 minute time frame. 


It is required for insurance companies to provide you with mental health (behavioral health) coverage. However, the coverage varies widely from plan to plan.  I am happy to submit claims to your insurance company for you.  I am in network for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Midlands Choice, and Cigna (with Midlands Choice on the card). Some insurance companies also have wonderful out-of-network benefits that can be utilized.  Please contact your insurance company and ask about your benefits for outpatient mental health. If you do not know what your copay, coinsurance, and deductible are at the time we meet you will be charged in full for that session. You will then be reimbursed any amount that is paid by your insurance company after the claim is received. I am OUT of network for all other insurance companies.


Sometimes people prefer to not use their insurance, do not have adequate coverage, or prefer to go out of network. I provide a cash rate for those who prefer this option.  I do NOT have a sliding scale, it is a fixed rate.  Please let me know if you are interested in this option.  Payment is always due at the time of service.

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