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I have specific training in couples and relationship counseling. I utilize a systems approach, which is to say we look at the entire picture of a couple/person's life to determine how they got where they are and how to head in the direction they want to go. I choose not to subscribe to one approach because I believe relationship counseling needs to fit the needs of the relationship and is not effective as a one-size-fits-all approach. Some methods I utilize are Gottman, EFT, Solution Focused and IFS.

Happy Couple Hugging

I have worked extensively with adults and adolescents suffering from depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, relationship struggles, and a host of other issues. When working with individuals the focus is on what they need to care for themselves, be present in their relationships, and make good decisions for their lives. We do this by increasing coping skills, reducing symptoms, and recognizing the thinking errors that derail progress and happiness. 

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Trained in systems theory, where  the prevailing thought is: "the more people in the room the better". I work with any familial relationship that needs some fine tuning. I believe in strong families and want to help each family succeed by making sure everyone feels loved and supported despite whatever difficulties may arise. I have worked with parent/child, premarital, step-families, in-laws, premarital and many others. 

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